Are you embarrassed to show people your kids' pictures from your wallet because they are a few years old? Do you need new pictures taken but are afraid of sitting fees, printing fees, travel time and studio hours? If you answered yes to any of these questions, why not host a Portrait Party?

What is a Portrait Party?

    What's a Portrait Party you ask? It's simple! A Portrait Party is very much similar to a playdate. The host/hostess organizes the party, provides the location, coordinates the snacks & drinks and schedules the 15-20 minute mini-sessions. Children and guests gather and socialize while I take individual or groups photos separately one at a time. Portrait Parties can be held outdoors in natural light or lights and backdrops can be brought for more of a studio shoot.
    A minimum of 5 sessions (including the host/hostess) is required to book a Portrait Party, with no more than 12 sessions maximum. The host/hostess sets up the sessions prior to the start of the party and sessions must be booked back-to-back.
    At the conclusion of your session you will be given a password to view your photos online in your own private gallery at  Each photo can be ordered in a number of different sizes as well as on a large variety of products! Your online portfolio will be available within 48 hours of the party and will be available for 7 days for you to order.

Why should I have one?

    One of the main incentives for a Portrait Party is the fact that there is no sitting fee. That saves you and all your guests $50 each right there! In addition to that there is no selling during the party and no minimum purchase is required for a Portrait Party order!  Your guests have no obligation to buy anything so they can simply have fun! Also,  there is no pressure for you or your child to look perfect and perform for the camera. If we don't get any photos that you are in love with, no big deal!
    Encourage your guests to bring along any props that they would like in order to make their shoot more memorable. This can include but is certainly not limited to hats, dress-up clothes, toys, some of moms jewelry or dad's favorite shirt, bubbles coloring books or anything else you can think of! While you're at it, you could experiment with a theme party. This is only limited to you imagination. Themes could include Superheroes, father's day gifts, Mother's Day gifts, Tea Party, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Fourth of July, Birthdays, Pets, Children, Teen, Cheerleader, Playgroup, Seniors, Football, Preschool, Scouts, Jazz/Dance, Sports, Dress-Up, Glamour Party & SO MUCH MORE!

What’s in it for me?

    For hosting a party, the party host/hostess gets a free bronze photo package from their shoot (a $39 value!) This package includes 1 - 8x10, 2 - 5x7's, 4 - 4x6's and 8 mini wallets. All of these prints must be of the same photo however. In addition, the host/hostess will also receive a coupon for 15% off any other products purchased.

    So what are you waiting for? Do yourself and your friends a favor and email me at [email protected] to schedule your Portrait Party today!